China well placed for a new decade of space exploration

While China’s space exploration goes back decades to the late 1960’s when the first tangible efforts begun with the development of Shuguang-1. It was designed to carry a crew of two, not too dissimilar to the US Gemini capsule of the early to mid-1960’s. Although it launched its first satellite into orbit in 1970, sadly, China wasContinue reading “China well placed for a new decade of space exploration”

Astronomers great woe of 2019

While many people in the astronomy community have been up in arms in 2019 regarding the planned expansion of communication satellite constellations, others are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to the intentions of various corporations on placing tens of thousands of these in various orbital altitudes.  Besides the issues and concerns people have, companiesContinue reading “Astronomers great woe of 2019”

Arcturus Light 1982 AD

23/12/19 “What did you see when I was 9 years old? Was it the end of unspeakable atrocities, Or just the continuation of more of the same. Were you curious of humanity’s first winged adventure, the reunification of a fatherland, or the precursor of a blight that forged the future?“ In 2019 the light seenContinue reading “Arcturus Light 1982 AD”