Arcturus Light 1982 AD


An approximate comparison of our Sun to Arcturus. (atribution: Windows to the Universe and/or [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons)

What did you see when I was 9 years old? Was it the end of unspeakable atrocities, Or just the continuation of more of the same. Were you curious of humanity’s first winged adventure, the reunification of a fatherland, or the precursor of a blight that forged the future?

In 2019 the light seen from Arcturus had been travelling since 1982AD. It lies approximately 36.7 light years away in the constellation Boötes. There are connections to be found in everyone and everything we see around us, connections to the past can even be made by what we see in the night sky.

Even a distant Galaxy can stir the imagination in many unexpected ways. Photons connect us to an era long before dinosaurs became extinct via M58, a spiral galaxy 62mly away. The 124 million year round trip facilitated by a technologically adept species inhabiting a system in the outer arms of the galaxy, their use of an an advanced optical instrument gathering the light and sending it back towards our system in the hope that at some point in their distant future, something here would ‘see’ it. And then us, human as we are, continue to develop, to invent, to see over the next hill until when one day, we learn to regenerate degraded photons, extract the data and have a high definition window on the past as it happened. A bit far fetched I know, but is it really THAT unthinkable?

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