Clearer Skies – Covid 19

Astronomy, the ultimate social distancing activity and suddenly I realise how important it has been to have maintained my interest in this over the years. The global health crisis is for sure, like something out of a movie script, the lockdowns we are all experiencing have eroded into certain freedoms of our existence and made us somewhat powerless over the future and all that we hope it will bring.

This is why living for the here and now is most appropriate at this time. The clarity in the night sky I have noticed recently is significant, less particulate and light pollution allows for some really excellent observing right outside my door. I built an observatory some years back but overtime the light pollution in particular had increased so I identified a really good and safe dark site about 2 years ago where I bring one of the scopes, thankfully I don’t need that right now due to the clearer skies I’m seeing.

Has anybody else noticed this too?

One thought on “Clearer Skies – Covid 19

  1. I’ve noticed a definite improvement in sky quality in April. This is not just a personal judgement. When I set up for an imaging session I use SharpCap software, part of which includes a sky measurement (photons per pixel per second).

    I won’t bore you with the figures but the readings for April, here in suburban locked-down Sydney, show a marked improvement over the readings for January to March.

    Air pollution readings for the region indicate a distinct lack of particulate matter and there are very few aircraft.

    So light pollution and air quality are both improved.

    I’ve also had comments from several other astronomers around the world saying much the same thing.

    Best regards.


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