My equipment review part 1: Celestron NexStar Evolution 6

Since there has been too few opportunities to observe lately, I thought I’d go through my gear, and while there are tons of in depth reviews all over the web, I’ll provide my own mini review on each bit of kit I’ve acquired over the years. Currently, my most used scope is my Celestron EvolutionContinue reading “My equipment review part 1: Celestron NexStar Evolution 6”

Arcturus Light 1982 AD

23/12/19 “What did you see when I was 9 years old? Was it the end of unspeakable atrocities, Or just the continuation of more of the same. Were you curious of humanity’s first winged adventure, the reunification of a fatherland, or the precursor of a blight that forged the future?“ In 2019 the light seenContinue reading “Arcturus Light 1982 AD”

My God, it’s full of DSOs.

Just back from one of the best nights observing I’ve ever experienced. First of all, I’ve had some great night’s before where I would observe many DSOs, but this was just awesome, more than 100 objects with several sharing the same field of view within the eyepiece. What was even more pleasing was that I wasContinue reading “My God, it’s full of DSOs.”